Car Polisher

A little while ago I wrote what has become one of my most read posts on the differences between a dual action polisher, rotary polishing machine and orbital buffers. Since then I have been asked on a number of occasions which is the best dual action polisher to buy.

There are of course many variables when looking to choose the best dual action polishing machine for your own needs. Some will buy on price, others performance, maybe even on weight or a combination of all these factors.

In this post I aim to give you an unbiased dual action polisher comparison of many of the popular machines and consumer brands including Meguiars and Porter Cable as well as some of the not so well-known names i.e. Kestrel/Deltalyo, Rupes & Flex.

Before getting into the detail of comparing each car polisher side by side, let’s first look at what makes a good dual action car polisher. (But if you want to get straight into the detail you can scroll down to the comparison chart)

What  Makes A Recommended Dual Action Polisher


The very first thing to consider is the overall quality of the machine. In this article I will only look at machines that have a good reputation for quality and reliability. There are some very cheap dual action polishers on the market but if you are looking for a machine that is going to last I would recommend you stick with those that consistently get good ratings.


Next is the “Throw” of your dual action polisher. This is the size of the orbit that the machine covers when in action. The bigger the throw the faster and easier it is to get the job done.


The speed of your dual action polishing machine will be another important factor. Most quality dual action car polishers will have a variable speed control ranging anywhere from 1800 orbits per minute (opm) to around 6800 opm. These are usually marked as speed settings i.e 1-6. For example the speed settings of the Porter Cable 7424 are:

Speed 1 – 2500 opm
Speed 2 – 3300 opm
Speed 3 – 4000 opm
Speed 4 – 4800 opm
Speed 5 – 5800 opm
Speed 6 – 6800 opm

These maybe subject to slight change with variances in model and machine improvements.


Then there is the weight to consider. Depending on the size of your vehicle and how often you need to use the machine the weight of your dual action polisher may become an important factor when choosing the best one for your own use. Some of the lightest machines are just a little over 2kg, where as some weigh somewhere nearer to a hefty 4kg.

Load Sensing

Many of the latest dual action polisher machines now come with a load sensor which measures the amount of downward pressure being placed on the cars panels and automatically adjusts the power and torque to ensure a constant speed is maintained as the downward pressure varies.


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